Red Field people

Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim Fitzpatrick originally trained in documentary photography in Newport, South Wales. After completing his studies in 1987 he then worked with the photographer and publisher Colin Baxter as picture editor, specifically in the creation of new audio visual productions. At this point Tim also began the first of his many collaborations with the poet Jim Crumley.

Through the 1990s Tim Fitzpatrick’s work developed into film making and many commissions were carried out for cultural, history/heritage related projects. A number of these projects brought him to work with the poetry of Robert Burns, in particular “Pride and Passion”, a commemorative exhibition for the National Museum of Scotland.

From 1999 onwards a series of personal film projects involved collaboration with poets Jayne Wilding, Yvonne Gray and Jim Crumley, and poetry has continued to be key to much of the work since then.

Since 2004 Tim Fitzpatrick’s ideas for film have increasingly been resolved as site-specific light and sound pieces: Ray of Light for Pittenweem Arts Festival, The Pilgrim for Dunfermline Abbey and Clash Close for the Cupar Arts Festival.

More recent projects such as Another Land and The Fragments project have been concerned with creating a framework where the underlying narratives develop in the public domain over longer periods of time: months or even years for a given project. This approach is aimed at experimenting with a range of outcomes and allowing space for core elements to evolve as well as for public inputs and interactions.

Babs McCool

Babs McCool studied sculpture at St Martins School of Art then trained as a stonemason, working in the restoration trade in Dorset before joining an arts collective in Manchester. 

Returning to Scotland in the late 80s, Babs has been working as a project manager for the community radio, art and design research, housing, public art commissioning, and currently, health, sectors. 

Babs lives next to the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk, has a grown up son and dreams of sailing to Edinburgh and Glasgow for nights out in her new (old) cabin cruiser.

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