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SHINE: code for everything

SHINE: code for everything

Red Field Arts Community Interest Company was established in 2010 to provide arts and cultural projects to local communities across Scotland – and in North East Fife in particular – and to enable those communities to explore their local spaces and buildings through shared arts initiatives and events.

The company works with local people in creative ways, using visual arts, performance  and media, to reflect on issues relating to the public realm which we believe lead to improvements and changes in the ways the public realm affect people’s quality of life.

These collaborations have resulted in numerous innovative and dynamic interventions that engage and inspire our audiences and live in the memory long after we have packed away all our magic dust and headed home to Fife.

We create, promote, and facilitate community arts projects across a wide spectrum of arts disciplines – reflecting each of our distinct backgrounds and interests – and, in our short life as The Red Field, have made some very rewarding, as well as innovative connections, to community groups right across Scotland.

Inexplicable 14

The Red Field (or Red Field Arts community interest company to give us our full title) has carried out several major community arts projects to date and, right now, new and contrasting projects are at different stages of progress.

A recently completed project has taken us all over the Scottish Borders resulting in a huge range of responses to a recently discovered fragment of a medieval manuscript: the Hawick missal fragment.

This has been the Fragments project, led by Tim Fitzpatrick and Matthew Cheung Salisbury of Oxford University, with some wonderful opportunities for music collaborations with The Andante Chamber Choir, Sean Doherty, Grayston Ives, Michael Nyman and Goldie.


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